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Forceful Shelby

Passage's effect on the presentation bronco local area was two-overlap when it delivered the supercharged Shelby GT500 Mustang in 2007. It gave SVT item the balls to kick some significant tail in the city, yet it additionally showed the secondary selling and its purchasers how much the Modular engines favor constrained enlistment and how that considers extraordinary steps in execution.

Lightning Force Performance (LFP) in Houston, TX. Offers the Shelby GT500 proprietor various items to work on all parts of a Shelby's presentation, so we obtained a reasonable guinea pig and beat the dynamometer for certain outcomes.

Said test vehicle came from the stable of LFP's child Jesse Sims who likewise sheets a supercharged 2000 SVT Lightning. The 2007 Shelby GT500 isn't Sims' day to day driver, however he wasn't searching for greatest power, somewhat more to give him that thrill he got when he initially bought it.

That being said, we called LFP and asked Mark what he suggested. Clearly, a pulley and cold air combo was guaranteed, and Silvestre proposed we start with a LFP 2.60 Upper Pulley 60 Watt Solar Street Light Kit (Shelby Pulley's) and a C&L Cold Air Kit (Shelby GT500 Intakes). He likewise recommended we attempt LFP's new billet aluminum lower control arms for greater steadiness at send off. (Shelby GT500 Suspension)

With expanded support come expanded air-charge temperatures, so we introduced LFP's Extreme intercooler heat exchanger (Shelby GT500 Cooling) its bigger than-stock limit will give more liquid to the exchange of intensity, and its development offers more cooling balances per inch than the stocker for expanded proficiency.

While you can pull off adding a virus air pack and pulley to a normally suctioned Ford Mustang, the Shelby GT500 requires some tweaking to the ECM because of the extra wind stream made by the LFP 2.60 Upper Pulley Kit and C&L Shelby GT500 Cold Air Kit. LFP takes care of you with pre-tuned dyno tunes which can be pre-stacked into a SCT Xcal 3 tuner for your benefit.

Our subjects '07 Shelby benchmark at 411hp and 353 lb-ft of force at the wheels. In the wake of introducing the Shelby Pulley Kit and GT500 Intake, our subjects GT500 expanded to 11psi of lift bringing about a speedy and simple 505hp and 431 lb-ft of force. This couldn't be accomplished without appropriately changing the Shelby with a custom tune from LFP.

Yet again things were solid up to this point, and after we darted on the GT500 C&L Cold Air unit, power and force improved to 565hp and 516 lb-ft of curve. We were having some fantastic luck and not exactly gotten done with our mods.

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