Poker Brings Athletes Together at Olympics
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Poker Brings Athletes Together at Olympics

The Olympic Village in Vancouver has transformed into an improvised poker scene for competitors from around the world. Toward the finish of the day to day contests, competitors are loosening up and tracking down ways of interfacing with individual Olympians through the worldwide language of cards. The occasions for gold awards might be occurring on the snow and ice, however the boasting freedoms for the best poker player is occurring on tables inside the Olympic Village.

The contenders at the 2010 Winter Games are the same than different competitors who oftentimes have major areas of strength for a with poker. The Olympics give an optimal social setting W88 individuals to meet up to appreciate poker. Whether it is to kill time or to flaunt their betting abilities, poker is the most famous previous time when the competitors have some personal time.

Gregor Schlierenzaurer, the bronze award winning ski-jumper from Austria came the whole way to Canada zeroed in on medaling following quite a while of preparing. In any case, other than his ski hardware, the 20 year old made certain to pack a deck of cards. Schlierenzaurer's #1 leisure activity is poker and he has contended in numerous competitions at online gambling clubs. Vancouver is his most memorable Olympic experience and when gotten some information about the general vibe he said, "It is astounding how a deck of 52 cards can make such countless companions and join individuals who should be against one another."

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